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100k in 100 days Campaign #100Kbio

Amino Labs and The BioBuilder Educational Foundation challenge you to become a Virtual Bioengineer! Already a #VB? Challenge your friends, family and peers.

#100kbio - Join us to create 100 thousand new bioengineers! 
Virtual bioengineering simulator - look under the hood of genetic engineering!

Web-bioengineers: 2653 (19 days left)

2.65% of 100,000 goal (updated weekly)

# Schools/groups signed up this term: 104

# Students signed up this term: 5361

Web + Schools: 8,014 (8.01% of 100,000 goal)

Amino Labs and The BioBuilder Educational Foundation challenge you to become a Virtual Bioengineer! Already a #VBio? Challenge your friends, family and peers.

Genetic engineers produce medicine, food, fuel, household products and now materials. There are genetically engineered consumer products in the hands of hundreds of millions of people each day, and this will continue to increase. We depend heavily on these "bio-products" and it is vital that we learn about the technology. We challenge you to become a Virtual Bioengineer!

biobuilder educational foundation
amino labs

How the #100Kbio Challenge Works

Accept the Challenge!  Its easy! Doing genetic engineering is like cooking. If you can make pancakes, you can do this challenge. Using your computer move to step 2!  (only takes 20 minutes) 


Are you a Teacher or Group Leader ? Sign up to take the Challenge with your group (at anytime during the semester) and receive an additional free teaching resource.

Do the Challenge - Use Virtual Bioengineer, a simulation game, to genetically engineer E. coli bacteria to change color or produce scent (you choose!)  Not compatible with mobile just yet. 

Rally your teachers, friends, family, and peers to complete the challenge to amplify better understanding of genetic engineering

  • Share the #100Kbio campaign page over social media (see our template tweets below)

  • Share the #100Kbio Challenge using email

  • Become a #100Kbio Steward by embedding Virtual Bioengineer and a #100Kbio description in your website.

Download and print your Virtual Bioengineer certificate, fill it out, and put it on the fridge! Or, hand it to your teacher - you could get extra credit !

+ Who should do the challenge

  • middle school students and teachers
  • high school students and teachers
  • college or university students looking to get acquainted with a lab exercise
  • science museums
  • general public curious about genetic engineering and GMOs
  • home schoolers
  • web-based learning platforms
  • genetic engineering literacy groups
  • anti-GMO organizations
  • pro-GMO organizations
  • decision makers in government
  • do it yourself biology (DIYBio) and maker communities
  • the President of the United States (@POTUS)

+ How can teachers participate

This challenge is meant to create a community and a buzz around STEM education and even open up opportunities to explore Making with Biology. Teachers and students can participate:

  • as part of biology class, in class
  • as an at-home activity with family
  • in clubs or after school programs
  • as preparation for next years iGEM team (International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition) or BioMOD team (Biomolecular Design Competition)
  • as an introductory session before students complete a hands-on exercise in class

+ Students benefit

Get your students bioengineering sooner

Exposure to genetic engineering usually happens in Advanced Placement (AP) Biology classes or at the University level. By this time, many students have already made a preliminary career choice. Introduce your students to genetic engineering at an earlier age and expand their possible interest in engineering sciences.

Moreover, art and genetic engineering are beginning to merge as artists, designers, and even architects are beginning to use biology as a medium to explore and expand what is possible.

Free “hands-on” Genetic Engineering Education

Employment in the biotechnology sector is the career choice of millions of people worldwide (OECD, 2009). Because the industry is a growing one, there is reason for all middle school and high school students to experience genetic engineering. Make your students Virtual Bioengineers in the #100Kbio challenge, and expand their career opportunities.

Use the #100Kbio Challenge as an entry point into Bioethics

Discussion over the implications of genetic engineering on society and our environment is a critical one. Completing the challenge will set the foundation for further questions and discussions around what genetic engineering is.

Together we can reach 100,000 virtual bioengineer! Share the #100Kbio challenge!


Have we missed something? Do you need more information? Contact us 

Sharing Tweets (help spread the word!)

  • I just engineered bacteria! 100K bioengineers in 100 days #100Kbio
  • Oil is disappearing. can we fix it with genetic engineering?!? #100Kbio
  • Help expand genetic engineering know-how! 100K bioengineers in 100 days #100Kbio

Participating Organizations

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