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3 Steps to Making

A free simulator gives you a peak into genetic engineering and helps you bioengineer

Use Virtual Bioengineer, a genetic engineering simulation, to genetically engineer E. coli bacteria to change color or produce scent (you choose!)

Genetic engineers produce medicine, food, fuel, household products and now materials. There are genetically engineered consumer products in the hands of hundreds of millions of people each day, and this will continue to increase. We depend heavily on these "bio-products" and it is vital that we learn about the technology.

Use Virtual Bioengineer as free and engaging resource to:

  • introduce your students or peers to lab procedures, lab tools, and vocabulary that professional genetic engineers use, in most cases on a daily basis
  • increase the success of in-class experiments by having students practice using the simulator
  • as a stepping stone to building your own genetic engineering lab and curriculum.

Tech Specs: Requires Laptop/PC running a modern browser, such as Google Chrome. Does not currently function on touch devices such as iPads.

fun activities to bio engineer with your family, friends, students!

Amino Labs' Series of Engineer-it Kits have everything you need to replicate the Virtual Bioengineer experience in real life. There are kits to choose from that enable you to produce a variety of colors. Click the button below to see what Engineer-it Kits are currently available.

The Engineer-it Kits can be completed in schools or the home using a collection of simple supplies, or for ease and convenience, can be completed using Amino Labs DNA Playground or Bioproduction Lab equipment. Click the button below to learn more about how Amino Hardware makes the experience fun and convenient.

Use Engineer-it kits as an inexpensive hands-on resource:

  • to deploy a real genetic engineering exercise and provide students with essential lab training
  • as an accompanying hands-on exercise to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) modules (MS-LS1-1, MS-LS1-2, MS-LS1-7& HS-LS1-1, HS-LS1-6, HS-LS3-1)
  • as the first step toward full bioproduction of cells.

For full clarity of this product, and experience, you are encouraged to try Step 1: Virtual Bioengineer. 

Prototype with DNA bioproduction from your desk! 

Amino Labs' advanced Bioproduction Kits and Bioproduction Lab equipment (formerly called the Amino One) are a simple and playful marriage of lab reagents and hardware needed to take the genetically engineered cells created with the Engineer-it Kit and grow them in a larger capacity. 

The Bioproduction Kits are generic consumables that allow for the bioproduction of cells. Click the button below to view the Bioproduction Kits.

The Bioproduction Lab is a simple and contained piece of equipment where students can independently explore making products with the cells they engineer. Setting up a traditional bioproduction lab can cost tens of thousands of dollars, with additional costs for service plans and professional expertise to manage the space.

The Bioproduction Lab is also more advanced than a traditional lab equipment. With real time sensing (pH, temperature, cell population), a touch screen to control the system, and the option of internet connectivity so students can remotely monitor their experiments, the Bioproduction Lab is the supreme yet affordable option for setting students on becoming the industry leaders of tomorrow.