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Early experiences lead to careers choices

Home chemistry sets meets biological engineering
When I was 9 years old, my parents gave me a chemistry set. Within a week, I had decided to become a chemist and never wavered from that choice
— Robert F. Curl, Nobel Laureate
If it hadn’t been for the Blue Boxes, there would have been no Apple. I’m 100% sure of that. Woz and I learned how to work together, and we gained the confidence that we could solve technical problems and actually put something into production.
— Steve Jobs, Isaacson p.30
What I cannot create, I do not understand
— Richard Feynman

Introduce your secondary school and university students to biotechnology, hands-on.   

Use the Engineer-it and Bioproduction kits with our easy-to-set-up and maintain equipment labs. Available to rent or purchase.

Introduce your students to biotechnology, genetic engineering and bioproduction hands on

Remember Time-Shared Resources ?

Time-shared resources - the paradigm for new technology introduction in academia

Just like in the early days of shared computer labs, Amino Labs offers equipment packages to schools. Students can time-share the lab equipment and learn genetic engineering with or without teachers present:

  • Growing cells
  • Transforming cells
  • Culturing cells, bioproduction
  • Extraction of products
  • Data analysis and lab book management

Custom Service Packages

Home chemistry sets meets biological engineering

Amino Labs makes it even easier to teach biology. Set up a Teaching Lab with DNA Playgrounds or Bioproduction Labs. 

Opt-in for subscription packages of Engineer-it or Bioproduction kits. We automatically send you the reagents to keep the learning and exploration going.  Class protocols are available before-hand and allow you to customize the duration of each lesson. 

Timeline of a full BioProduction Project